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09 February 2009 @ 01:38 pm
My mom made a cake. It could be because I was just too cheap to buy a pie or two or maybe three for work. But it could also because I like my moms cake and I usually never like cake. Usually the cake is too dry, not too sweet and in general just not my taste. But I like my moms cake. So I asked for it, so i could treat my co-workers. Ever since I was a kid my dad always took the cake to his work. I know it was born because of a lack of money, but it stayed because everyone liked it so much.
Today i treated my co-worker on cake because a few weeks ago i engaged myself with my lovely girlfriend. I September there will be a wedding and I will attend. It will be scary, but I will marry. It will be held in China, so there won't be cake. But next year, I am sure, I will try to make my own cake for special occasions, so my kids can treat their dads cake when they are older. It's a good tradition to keep.
03 February 2009 @ 11:27 am

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I value my friends and love my girlfriend, but I am sometimes taking things for granted too

2. I sometimes live in the past and believe everything used to be better. I'm just getting old

3. I love making photo's and you can see them on www.flickr.com/photos/muffles. Commenst are always welcome

4.I like making games and hope to start again

5. Still deciding what kind of job I want in life

6. I am engaged :) And she is a lovely Chinese girl

7. I love sushi and I also learned to make it myself

8. I need to be more serious about losing weight. Hard, since I do like food

9. Sometimes I have a hard time concentrating myself, so in those times I like to be quiet and can get irritated with noise or other distractions

10. Food is my hobby

11. I am a very curious person and believe it is a good way to discover new things in life. Yet I am also kinda conservative and cling on to some things I'm familiair with

12. I love traveling and so far have been to America, France, Spain, China, Denmark, Germany and England

13. I love to be right hehe

14. I like cola, but love fruit juices and such. I don't really drink alcohol. Although I do like cocktails

15. I don't like computers. It's just a  tool and necessary evil sometimes hehe

16. Did I already say i love food? I like all kinds, but especially sushi, burgers, Spanish food, salads, nuts and probably a whole lot more. I don't really have a favorite. Well maybe except the potato salad of my mom and her split pea soup

17. I always wanted to be a movie director. I failed, but who knows.. maybe someday :)

18. I don't really care for money. It's good to have for doing a few nice things, but i never had big wishes in my life.. well except the traveling part. But i rather share what i have with the people I love

19. I will be married in China. I will will make this step the 9th of September in the year 2009 :) I will be 40 and the '9' is a good number in China

20. My favorite holiday of the year is Christmas.

21. I am very sentimental and emotional. I love daydreaming

21. I love the sun. I also like snow, but not the cold

22. I hate lies and always try to tell the truth myself. I have a hard time telling a lie, I would feel guilty all the time about it cause my conscience won’t allow it!

23. I love animals

24.I love watching movies

25. Life will take a turn this year, so I am excited and scred about it. But I will keep going on and see what it will bring

12 January 2009 @ 10:07 am

Ice fun
Originally uploaded by Muffles
The daughter of my sister is 11 and she never saw real ice. And with real ice I mean the frozen rivers, lakes and other natural water substances of which Holland has many.
She's 11 and only the past two weeks the temperature has been below zero. Enough to turn the water into ice. And enough to make people want to skate the ice again.
As a little boy I used to remember how to ice skate too. I was never a natural, but it has always been part of the raising of a child in Holland. Two things always have been important. The first being teaching your spouts to swim and the second to learn them to skate the ice.
But now there's been a whole new generation of kids never being able to skate natural waters since the winters never've been as strong as it has been the past two weeks. Of course in decades before, the weather have been producing much stronger winters then this one, but at least the past weeks have been giving us the frozen rivers, lakes and other natural water substances of which Holland has many.
The daughter of my sister has been ice skating and with her did many. I saw many happy faces. I saw many red cheeks and I heard many laughter. I was never big on ice skating myself, but I do hope - for them - the frost will return and turn Holland, even for a little while, in the Holland of my youth. The Holland I used to love.
08 January 2009 @ 10:01 am
As it turns out, I have a big family. My mom is pretty active in finding, to me, unknown family members. My last name is pretty interesting and in Holland not a very common thing, so it stands out.
Recently she told me there's a writer in the family. I never heard of her before, but ever since my moms news I looked it up on the mighty Internet and found a few interesting pieces of info and, which is more interesting, tidbits of her writings. I was mostly pleased with 'The diary of Daffodil' (Dutch link). It's a story of a young girl struggling with her weight and the illness of her mother.
I write too. Not as inspiring as Debora, but I do like my writings (when I'm in a positive day) and I certainly love the daydreams I get after reading some of my work. I see myself rich, famous and happy. And of course only being happy is important.
Maybe one day my book will be ready. I keep on dreaming. But I have my family as my inspiration now :)
06 January 2009 @ 12:31 pm
I am happy. Of course there are many things in life to be happy about, but it all depends on noticing it and most of the time I don't (a side note is that I will work in 2009 on my ability to see happiness more often and try to enjoy the simple things in life a lot more then I did in my head). But aside from that I can say I am happy my cat is better again.
The past few days have been a nightmare. I was sick and at present time I still am, however not as much as I used to be. My cat has been sick too. She threw up, didn't eat for 5 days, sat quietly in a dark corner and made me all worried.
Finally I visited the vet and she said her stomach was upset and gave me pills, a few injections and shot water in my cat because she was dehydrated. And now - luckily - she seems better. I am glad because getting liquid food into her mouth has been a challenge. I still need to clean the walls with the light brown goo. I pity all the moms trying to feed their offspring with the food from a jar. I can honestly say I wouldn't be a good mom, so I praise you all.
I am happy.
05 January 2009 @ 09:43 am
With the start of a new year, we, in Holland, also have the new years tradition of wishing everyone you see the best wishes for the new year. This sealed with the shake of a hand, or -in the case of a woman - three pleasant kisses on the cheeks.
So here's mine to everyone: The Best Wishes for 2009. And let's shake on the promise of making 2009 the best of years, the year happiness conquers sadness, the year love kicks the butt of war (despite the already on going wars), the year wishes find a way to come somewhat true, the year the air will get cleaner (because of the awareness we're all living on a planet worth saving), the year people get less stressed out and more tolerant. And the year I will make my own new adventures.
I wish all well.
30 December 2008 @ 10:12 am

Originally uploaded by Muffles
Every morning she stands there. She cries, she talks and looks at me with her big brown eyes. Jamie likes food, but she is a picky cat, so she only likes certain food (but never cares to share with me exactly which food she likes). I am picky when it comes to money, especially since I don't have much of it, so I give her cheap food. Not all the time though. I just make a good variation of the cheaper and bit more expensive food. She also gets cat treats, but she's still picky.
This morning Jamie was looking at me and saying:'Dad, I want to eat, now. I do like you, but please give me something I like.'
I cannot blame her complaining though. I also complain. So she learned it probably from me. I am picky too.
I petted her head this morning and Jamie said:'Thank you dad.'
She is like me. So a hug is as good as food.
29 December 2008 @ 12:24 pm
The company is closed. Not in a permanent way, but today is the beginning of the last week of the year 2008 and most companies have closed their doors and send their workers home to be with their loved ones.
We are open. Just a few people here. We are tough and sit here for the clients with urgent questions. We don't mind. It's pretty quiet and a good time to think about the year almost past. Was it as I expected? Did any of my New years resolutions come true? I can for sure say 2008 has been the year of being in love, so I know 2009 can only become even better :)
From this place I want to wish everyone a happy 2009, filled with love, warmth, happiness, kindness and joys.
19 December 2008 @ 08:44 am
As a beauty in my bed she's sleeping. It has been two weeks and already my girlfriend tried many typical Dutch dishes and liked it. It amazes me how much she has adapted to the Dutch way of life. I am glad, but I know I would take a much longer time to adapt to her Chinese life, even though I think her life is great.
She has a loving and caring family and a few close friends. And the past weeks my family has been nice to her also. My girlfriend likes my 'Oma' (grandma) and she survived a family birthday with many smiles.
This week we've also been to a restaurant for the annual company Christmas party. It was in a Belgium restaurant hidden deep down in Amsterdam. A bit hard to find, but when we got there, everyone introduced him- or herself to my girl and smiled.
The food was nice. Many small samples we shared with everyone. There was fish, fries, ice cream and much more. All had typical Belgium names and there were of course also Belgium beers. Belgium has a rich beer tradition, so many co-workers loved it.
My boss was sitting across the table and talked to my girlfriend. He made jokes and she laughed. In fact I think most people laughed. It was a nice evening and my girlfriend had a very good time.
So my girlfriend likes Holland. Mainly because I am Dutch, but I am proud of what she already achieved. I am proud of my girl.
15 December 2008 @ 11:14 am
My girlfriend is in Holland and so far she's loving it. She even loves the Dutch food. I personally hoped for her Chinese influences, but so far most we eat is Dutch. But for integration this is of course perfect. I guess I should start cooking some Chinese food myself :)
She's been in Holland ftor only a week and already she can find her way with many things. This makes me very proud of her. She is very much my girl.
I, on the other hand, am struggling with a serious cold and I feel my nose running all over the place. So I will return when I've found him again.