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18 March 2010 @ 02:43 pm
'And now?' I said.
'No, I don't see anything yet,'my sister replied.
I lived with my parents and I had the biggest room of the house.  I did not think I liked it that much. It had a sink, a table with some chairs and a hammock. Pretty cool I imagine, but the room was just too big and too scary at night. Noises from every corner of the attic always seemed to slip into my room. And it made me scared.
It was a saturday morning and I opened the curtains to look outside.
'You're right,' I said. 'Maybe I should just go outside and see what happens?' I looked at my sister.
'Don't know. Maybe' And she left the room.
Outside I could not see anyone yet. It was still very early and I saw none of my friends outside yet.
Again I looked at the house at the other side of the street. My friend Roy lived there and we had a curious way of communicating with each other. At the time it seemed perfectly normal though. It was mid 80s, My parents had a phone. But as far as I can remember I never used it. So I communicated with my friend Roy  through pieces of paper sticking on our windows. Every saturday I wrote 'Wanna play outside?' and he would reply with a yes or no. It was simple, but effective and we both never wondered why we ever did such a thing. Again using the phone or simply ringing his doorbell would be more effective. 
I looked again and I saw someone opening the curtains. 'I will be down in a few minutes,' I read on the paper stuck on the window. Roy was finally awake.
I got dressed and went down the stairs. My day finally started.
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