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15 March 2010 @ 01:22 pm
Closet space  
I love my wife, that's a fact. She completes me and that's also a fact.
Together we bought a new closet. When you start living together, you'll soon discover you might miss some essentials, like enough closet space, for instance. An extra toothbrush, a comb, extra towels and such are also a perfect example of the changing life.
Sowe had to buy a new closet. Better more then less is what I said. So one for her and one for me.
It took 10 days to get it delivered at home and a half hour looking at the instructions in getting me totally puzzled about how to fit all the pieces together. The paper just had more holes drawn then I could find in the wood. So I stopped. The next day would be a good and fresh day for trying again.
So the next day arrived. I was still at work and my wife called. She'd already finished most of the closet. And she wasn't even confused at all, and later that night I fixed the last things. It all left me smiling, being proud of my wife. And the second closet we did together, so now for sure I know we are a perfect team.