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02 May 2009 @ 03:30 pm
It was a free day and thus a crowded day. The sun was flooding the filled streets of my little town. Sometimes a few white fluffy clouds floated in front of the golden rays, making the streets a bit colder. But with a solid 18 degrees Celsius it was still a nice day to shop and that was exactly what I was doing. Saturdays are lazy days. That is if I don't have other plans like going to the movies and out to dinner with friends. And I didn't. So shopping it was.
I walked through town, bought some small things like socks, discount books and a soup to eat. And finally I arrived at the supermarket for my butter. I am on a diet, but according to people with knowledge I should keep eating my bread with butter, so I'm obeying - which is easy since to me bread without butter is like a french movie without the subtitles; I need both for the complete experience.
I walked through the supermarket. It was crowded and I was annoyed. The market was small and many people were in the way. I tried to stay relaxed and thought about the sun outside and imagined myself on a desolated beach with my girl and a pina colada in one hand. It worked for a while, but not enough. I wanted to get out and go home and then, all of a sudden, my eyes caught her. She was dancing and waving her little hands, as the world around her didn't matter at all. In fact the world around her was like a big happy playing ground and her mom next to her a safe haven. She was dancing and smiling and I was thinking how my life was as a kid. I felt a smile creeping up. She was right. There is no care in the world when you are happy with yourself. I left the supermarket. I was still smiling and looked up. It was a good day and in my head I started dancing too.