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12 March 2009 @ 10:42 am
Peanut butter sandwich  
In a pitiful attempt to replace my girlfriend in her cooking (since she's gone for a few months) I listed myself as an contender at a cooking course. At home I already tried to imitate her tomato soup, which wasn't half bad. Of course hers was sweet and had flavor, while mine was well tomato-like and not sweet at all. The recipe is pretty easy. Just add butter, sliced tomatoes in the water and boil until it's all mashed up. I added some tomato paste and soy sauce for flavor, but still it didn't work. I will continue soon.
But for the rest of the cooking I needed a course. That's what I figured anyways.
Yesterday I went to the classroom and the nice Chinese woman explained in broken Dutch her recipes. It sounded easy. One group was in control of slicing the vegetables and the other group, called 'Brown Bears', were there to cut the meat, which later would all be mixed up in the right order to create the dishes. The system worked and within no time we had all the ingredients ready for our cooking lesson. The teacher turned on the gas and noticed there was no gas at all. So other people tried again and all we could make was a little fire which wasn't even hot enough to boil an egg.
Did we do something wrong? That was the question, but one of the volunteers in the building told us we did everything right. So we had no gas and no fire. And those two are pretty essential when it comes to cooking.
We drank wine and ate the oranges and melon. No dinner, just the dessert.
I was glad I already ate before I entered the building.
In a few weeks we'll try again. For now I will make another peanut butter sandwich.
I miss her food.