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07 March 2010 @ 06:05 pm

After much talks through the grapevine the day finally arrived. This weekend me and my wife had a family reunion. It was from my dads side and it has been many moons ago I saw his next of kin. So it was a pleasant opportunity to renew the family ties and discover new blood.
My sister, her husband and their daughter carried us to the city of Tiel (of which I know nothing) and we stayed at a simple motel near the highway. The room was simple and my wife loved the bed. I rather sleep in my own bed, but as far as motels go, this was an OK place. Simple, but that didn't matter.
The day started with coffee and cake and much talks with family I never saw before. It was nice to see many of them and some even sounded like my late grandma. My dad was born in the south of Holland, near the sea and they have a certain way of pronouncing things. It's a dialect I don't master, but hearing the Dutch words with a hint of that specific dialect brought me back to the good days of visiting my grandma and the sunday family gatherings. I do miss them and it made me realize we all didn't see each other as often as we should and hopefully wanted. So I can only hope this reunion will bring all of us one step closer.
Ok, back to the cake (I love food, so I can talk a lot about it).. it was nice and.. wait, better not bore you with my food antics, so back to the family. It was nice to see them and getting to know them, The names on their chests made it easier to recognize everyone, but I still forgot half of them, I think. Or maybe 80% of them. But all seemed very nice.
One in specific I already knew through her lovely books (for the Dutch among us.. look at http://debweb.nl/) and now I also got to meet her dad. He was a joyful guy of 81 years young. He organized this reunion and you could see he loved doing it. I can only hope to reach that age in such good positivity and joy.
He leaded us through the reunion rules, so after the coffee and cake we got a few family anecdotes and a lunch. I was hungry, so I liked the lunch. It was simple, but fulfilling.
The motel had a few conferences rooms and one had our family name on it. So we all sat down while the organizer led us through a presentation of the family history. Again I forgot a lot, but still it was a good way to learn a lot more about the family. Interesting. It ended with a game (I didn't won), a few home made family movies and a short caption of my own wedding movie. It was all nice.
As the evening arrived sadly a lot of family members had to leave us. Most lived far away so it was understandable. So only a handful of us shared a dinner together and after that a nightcap and some good talks. I had a wine before heading to bed and it made me fell asleep fast (well, after a nice hot shower and a good brush of the teeth ofcourse).
The sad thing about having a good time is that at some point it also has to end. So the next day, after a shared breakfast, we all said goodbye and all went our own ways.
Goodbyes are never a fun thing, but I hope that within a few years we will meet again and we all will share new stories.

I will conclude these writings with a big thanks to all. It has been nice meeting you.