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18 March 2010 @ 02:43 pm
'And now?' I said.
'No, I don't see anything yet,'my sister replied.
I lived with my parents and I had the biggest room of the house.  I did not think I liked it that much. It had a sink, a table with some chairs and a hammock. Pretty cool I imagine, but the room was just too big and too scary at night. Noises from every corner of the attic always seemed to slip into my room. And it made me scared.
It was a saturday morning and I opened the curtains to look outside.
'You're right,' I said. 'Maybe I should just go outside and see what happens?' I looked at my sister.
'Don't know. Maybe' And she left the room.
Outside I could not see anyone yet. It was still very early and I saw none of my friends outside yet.
Again I looked at the house at the other side of the street. My friend Roy lived there and we had a curious way of communicating with each other. At the time it seemed perfectly normal though. It was mid 80s, My parents had a phone. But as far as I can remember I never used it. So I communicated with my friend Roy  through pieces of paper sticking on our windows. Every saturday I wrote 'Wanna play outside?' and he would reply with a yes or no. It was simple, but effective and we both never wondered why we ever did such a thing. Again using the phone or simply ringing his doorbell would be more effective. 
I looked again and I saw someone opening the curtains. 'I will be down in a few minutes,' I read on the paper stuck on the window. Roy was finally awake.
I got dressed and went down the stairs. My day finally started.
15 March 2010 @ 01:22 pm
I love my wife, that's a fact. She completes me and that's also a fact.
Together we bought a new closet. When you start living together, you'll soon discover you might miss some essentials, like enough closet space, for instance. An extra toothbrush, a comb, extra towels and such are also a perfect example of the changing life.
Sowe had to buy a new closet. Better more then less is what I said. So one for her and one for me.
It took 10 days to get it delivered at home and a half hour looking at the instructions in getting me totally puzzled about how to fit all the pieces together. The paper just had more holes drawn then I could find in the wood. So I stopped. The next day would be a good and fresh day for trying again.
So the next day arrived. I was still at work and my wife called. She'd already finished most of the closet. And she wasn't even confused at all, and later that night I fixed the last things. It all left me smiling, being proud of my wife. And the second closet we did together, so now for sure I know we are a perfect team.
07 March 2010 @ 06:05 pm

After much talks through the grapevine the day finally arrived. This weekend me and my wife had a family reunion. It was from my dads side and it has been many moons ago I saw his next of kin. So it was a pleasant opportunity to renew the family ties and discover new blood.
My sister, her husband and their daughter carried us to the city of Tiel (of which I know nothing) and we stayed at a simple motel near the highway. The room was simple and my wife loved the bed. I rather sleep in my own bed, but as far as motels go, this was an OK place. Simple, but that didn't matter.
The day started with coffee and cake and much talks with family I never saw before. It was nice to see many of them and some even sounded like my late grandma. My dad was born in the south of Holland, near the sea and they have a certain way of pronouncing things. It's a dialect I don't master, but hearing the Dutch words with a hint of that specific dialect brought me back to the good days of visiting my grandma and the sunday family gatherings. I do miss them and it made me realize we all didn't see each other as often as we should and hopefully wanted. So I can only hope this reunion will bring all of us one step closer.
Ok, back to the cake (I love food, so I can talk a lot about it).. it was nice and.. wait, better not bore you with my food antics, so back to the family. It was nice to see them and getting to know them, The names on their chests made it easier to recognize everyone, but I still forgot half of them, I think. Or maybe 80% of them. But all seemed very nice.
One in specific I already knew through her lovely books (for the Dutch among us.. look at http://debweb.nl/) and now I also got to meet her dad. He was a joyful guy of 81 years young. He organized this reunion and you could see he loved doing it. I can only hope to reach that age in such good positivity and joy.
He leaded us through the reunion rules, so after the coffee and cake we got a few family anecdotes and a lunch. I was hungry, so I liked the lunch. It was simple, but fulfilling.
The motel had a few conferences rooms and one had our family name on it. So we all sat down while the organizer led us through a presentation of the family history. Again I forgot a lot, but still it was a good way to learn a lot more about the family. Interesting. It ended with a game (I didn't won), a few home made family movies and a short caption of my own wedding movie. It was all nice.
As the evening arrived sadly a lot of family members had to leave us. Most lived far away so it was understandable. So only a handful of us shared a dinner together and after that a nightcap and some good talks. I had a wine before heading to bed and it made me fell asleep fast (well, after a nice hot shower and a good brush of the teeth ofcourse).
The sad thing about having a good time is that at some point it also has to end. So the next day, after a shared breakfast, we all said goodbye and all went our own ways.
Goodbyes are never a fun thing, but I hope that within a few years we will meet again and we all will share new stories.

I will conclude these writings with a big thanks to all. It has been nice meeting you.
26 September 2009 @ 10:33 pm

Our wedding, 2009
Originally uploaded by Muffles
It seems months and maybe it has been months since I've updated my blog. But life, boredom and lack of inspiration have prevented me from posting anything new and exciing. But yet some exciting HAS happened :) I am a married man now and I am very happy with my new wife and best friend. I hope to spend the rest of my life with her and I am sure it will be a breeze. It will be a breeze of happiness and joy everyday. Baby I love you!
26 May 2009 @ 11:56 am
There is a tree and I call it a witch tree at work. Why? well it looks like a dead tree and it's all covered with white fiber from a caterpillar. As I read online it doesn't hurt the tree, but it does give the tree an aerie look. It looks like it stepped out of a fantasy book and maybe in the nights faeries dance around it.
This morning I read more about the same phenomenon. More trees are covered in different places and also one car has become the victim of these caterpillars. It makes great photos, but I wonder if the owner of the car think the same thing.
While we as humans are still busy with our lives and hardly notice what's else around us, nature still does her own thing. I am glad. Mother nature still loves herself.
02 May 2009 @ 03:30 pm
It was a free day and thus a crowded day. The sun was flooding the filled streets of my little town. Sometimes a few white fluffy clouds floated in front of the golden rays, making the streets a bit colder. But with a solid 18 degrees Celsius it was still a nice day to shop and that was exactly what I was doing. Saturdays are lazy days. That is if I don't have other plans like going to the movies and out to dinner with friends. And I didn't. So shopping it was.
I walked through town, bought some small things like socks, discount books and a soup to eat. And finally I arrived at the supermarket for my butter. I am on a diet, but according to people with knowledge I should keep eating my bread with butter, so I'm obeying - which is easy since to me bread without butter is like a french movie without the subtitles; I need both for the complete experience.
I walked through the supermarket. It was crowded and I was annoyed. The market was small and many people were in the way. I tried to stay relaxed and thought about the sun outside and imagined myself on a desolated beach with my girl and a pina colada in one hand. It worked for a while, but not enough. I wanted to get out and go home and then, all of a sudden, my eyes caught her. She was dancing and waving her little hands, as the world around her didn't matter at all. In fact the world around her was like a big happy playing ground and her mom next to her a safe haven. She was dancing and smiling and I was thinking how my life was as a kid. I felt a smile creeping up. She was right. There is no care in the world when you are happy with yourself. I left the supermarket. I was still smiling and looked up. It was a good day and in my head I started dancing too.
06 April 2009 @ 10:10 am
During my eight hour working cycle I like to take an hour and a half lunch break. The company I work for is located in a area where more companies have their residence, so there is less room for entertaining things like shops and restaurants. There is a McDonalds, a gas station with sandwiches and a shop where they sell kitchen appliances and home made sandwiches (for a extreme high price I might add). In the passed 4 years I've already been to every one of them, so nowadays I just walk and eat my own sandwich from home.
The walk takes 30 minutes and takes me to a road, several companies and some greens with rabbits. I like rabbits and when there's sun my mind takes me away to different, far away places and filters out the noises of traffic. It's a way to try to relax in busy times.
So sometime ago I was walking. The sky was blue, there was sun, but the temperature was still only a bit passed the zero mark. A good day to get a fresh nose.
I was looking at the rabbits when I all of a sudden saw the pigeon sitting there. he (or she) wasn't sitting in the grass, but just on the pavement. I was also walking there, so I suspected it would fly away after seeing me. But
it didn't. I love animals of all kinds, but I also like to make myself believe wild animals are only wild for others and not for me. So I tried to approach it and see how close I could get. I called it. I am not good in the pigeon language, but birds always whistle, so I was sure the pigeon would understand my dialect (what is a world without dreaming). I approached it very slowly and it was still sitting there. maybe it was hurt, I thought. So I imagined what to do. I could bring it to my work, but where to put it and how would my boss react on it? All questions without a real answer, so I proceeded walking towards the bird and all of a sudden I saw a second pigeon.
It was sitting next to the one I saw previously and it looked like they were keeping each other warm, feather in feather. The bigger one seemed to hug the smaller one and wasn't about to let go, only because that big human was walking there too. but the big human was curious and bowed it's body to look closer. The bigger pigeon sighed and let go. Stupid human, he was thinking. I am here with my woman, so buzz off. I oughta.. you ugly human. And both birds flew away.
My dream was shattered. I couldn't talk to animals. I was just a big ugly human. I continued my way and despite the disappointment I smiled. Good to see love on a cold day.
12 March 2009 @ 10:42 am
In a pitiful attempt to replace my girlfriend in her cooking (since she's gone for a few months) I listed myself as an contender at a cooking course. At home I already tried to imitate her tomato soup, which wasn't half bad. Of course hers was sweet and had flavor, while mine was well tomato-like and not sweet at all. The recipe is pretty easy. Just add butter, sliced tomatoes in the water and boil until it's all mashed up. I added some tomato paste and soy sauce for flavor, but still it didn't work. I will continue soon.
But for the rest of the cooking I needed a course. That's what I figured anyways.
Yesterday I went to the classroom and the nice Chinese woman explained in broken Dutch her recipes. It sounded easy. One group was in control of slicing the vegetables and the other group, called 'Brown Bears', were there to cut the meat, which later would all be mixed up in the right order to create the dishes. The system worked and within no time we had all the ingredients ready for our cooking lesson. The teacher turned on the gas and noticed there was no gas at all. So other people tried again and all we could make was a little fire which wasn't even hot enough to boil an egg.
Did we do something wrong? That was the question, but one of the volunteers in the building told us we did everything right. So we had no gas and no fire. And those two are pretty essential when it comes to cooking.
We drank wine and ate the oranges and melon. No dinner, just the dessert.
I was glad I already ate before I entered the building.
In a few weeks we'll try again. For now I will make another peanut butter sandwich.
I miss her food.
20 February 2009 @ 11:58 am
I hate to loose something what I usually tend to take for granted. But soon it will happen. My girlfriend needs to leave for China again. And even though we still have a week together, I already miss her dearly. I loved the time we've been together. We were like a real married couple. I know in September that will be happening for real. I used to be afraid, but I am not anymore, or at least not at the moment. She is perfect or rather as perfect as someone can be for me and in my eyes. She has been great the past three months. But I didn't miss her. I loved her and love her, but I took all for granted. I knew she would be there for me when I came home. But after next week, she won't be there for me. At least not at home, but instead she will be in a country many thousands of kilometers away and this makes the missing real. Instead of the 'married couple' we'll be the 'Living Apart Together couple' and I'm not sure if I like that. Not anymore anyways. I want to be with her.
So I hope September will come very soon. I will be going to China again and see her and her family again. I will be able to kiss her again and also marry her. So this is the thought I will use to keep me floating for the next couple of months.
I love you, baby! I'll be missing you. I will count the days.
16 February 2009 @ 11:09 am

I make photo's. It's a hobby, but deep inside I do hope I make some money out of it and even deeper inside I hope I can make, well maybe, a job out of it.
Last week I got a mail from paypal. They wired me 29,95 in euros and I was wondering why. Now I know. I make photo's and placed some of them on a website, for people to buy them as a stock photo or whatever. I'm listed as a photographer there for maybe a year and never sold anything. And now, without warning, I sold one.
I am happy. I am the man.
Look at nationale beeldbank. It's Dutch.